One comment on “Oromo hold the stump key to Ethiopia’s future

  1. Independent Republic of Oromia is a key for Peace, Justice and Development for all Subjugated Nations in Current Ethiopia.

    It may be true that Oromos play a decisive role in what Ethiopia would look like in the future if we assert our full potential. What is very interesting is now there seems to be a consensus about the history of Oromia in that all have come to agree Oromia was annexed to what is today Ethiopia by force and brutality. Justice and equality did not follow that forced inclusion for the Oromo but rather a brutality and apartheid unheard to the external world. Under Abyssinian occupation, Oromia faced massacre, impoverishment, eviction, imprisonment, exploitation, cultural subjugation, and all sorts of inhuman treatments. Both the Abyssinians and the Oromos meant complete opposite to each other and one felt the other is a threat to its survival.

    Over 120 years of forced occupation of Oromia by Abyssinians proved that there is no alternative for Oromos than sovereignty and freedom. Ethiopia has ever remained the tail of the countries in the world in terms of economy, human right, democracy and what it could offer its citizens, and no question that it’s the citizens of the subjugated nations like the Oromos that are most affected in this situation.

    There wont be any logic for Oromia to remain under subjugation. In the same way as Oromia was included in Ethiopia, Eritrea was included and by the virtue of its heroic citizens Eritrea has become independent. For those defeatists and those who want to tell us that it’s impossible to reverse what happened over 120 years, we have living evidences including the cases of Scotland and Catalonia (both have been ruled by others for over 300 years but are ready for self-determination via referendum) that length of time does not justify subjugation of one nation under the other. Oromo has nothing in common with Abyssinians whether it is cultural, language or ancestral background. As a result, Oromia needs to be free to exercise its rights to the fullest.

    What it needs is unity, military preparation and campaign, calculated sacrifice-sacrifice with positive outcomes. For example, Tunisians did not change their leadership within a year without sacrifice; Egyptians did not remove Hosni Mubarak and his government without sacrifice; Libyans did not remove the dictatorial government without bleeding, or dying; the Yemenis did not remove the dictator without sacrifice. Nor did the Eritreans or the South Sudanese get their independence without paying crucial sacrifices. The peculiar feature of the civil uprising that culminated in removal of the dictators was that the civilians were ready to usurp the military off their weapons which initially was costly but down the road become more and more easier and easily changed the course of the struggle bringing much needed change others like us could not bring over 40 years.

    By the same token for Oromos to succeed in liberating Oromia, the behavior of the colonizers oblige us to make calculated sacrifices to restore power balance and declare Independent Republic of Oromia. I mean, Oromo public uprisings should not end without any positive outcome. It should be planned to target access to weapons and to line the Oromos in EPRDF military and police on their side, which would not happen without calculated sacrifices. OLF has to strengthen its ties with the public, create buffer zone to accept defecting police and EPRDF military and liberate village by village, town by town, district by district, zone by zone and in due time Oromia will be free as a whole.

    When Oromia becomes free all the other nations and nationalities would be free as well and there would be freedom, democracy and friendship based on mutual benefits in the horn of Africa. As far as this remains a dream there is no hope for the subjugated nations in Ethiopian.

    Take home message: The West has engaged in and supported violent struggles in Libya, Egypt, South Sudan, Syria and anywhere else. It is up to us to appear strong and bring our case to their attention so that they can see our issues as important and help us to be their reliable friends in that volatile region.

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