One comment on “A splinter group of the EPRDF has released a statement

  1. A TPLF group of Sibhat wants OPDO to slide them the Bereket group also the same thing. That is why Bereket mentioned ‘TPLF interference into OPDO matter’ it is funny to hear today after 21 years of TPLF interference into Oromo matter and OPDO power. Why Bereket Mentioned now? Where was he for 21 years? May be tyrant Meles prevented him? If so why he calls him ‘great leader’? Bereket hated Oromo at ministerial positions; that is why prime minister and vice positions which Oromo deserve ignored but want to use them as a tool to fight TPLF of Sibat Group.
    While hundreds of Oromo youngsters arrested from Irrecha festival are under torture in Me’ikelawi, Bereket talk this fake party to divert attention. Oromo aware don’t be a tool for shrewd.

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