One comment on “Ethiopia’s New Prime Minister and the Challenges Ahead

  1. That is legitimate and it is very important to move the country forward with allowing equal distribution in a government (more political integration not assimilation) and sharing resources (not exploitation). Otherwise the entire country will face civil war this is no question. Look at Hailesellase’s and, Derg, Syria, Libya and others. On other side look at South Africa, Burma, and others. It is a very keen and effective way that a dictatorial party committed to bringing change and power sharing at other fellow Ethiopians otherwise its very bad to put economic progress backward. We must support this group to bring the change that is necessary. Today, we have learned what have happened in Somalia, Kosovo, Rwanda, and the c controlled by dictators. I think Ethiopia need new vision not only on the economy but on governance, human right, and technology. We must learn to bring about change. Derg and northern front spent allot of resources on nonsense war that cost many lives and our futures. If we were to invest that money on education, health, infrastructure, and agriculture, technology, we could be like south Korea by now. Let us have a mentality that we don’t have to fight to have our internal problem solved. We must unite on our national security to defend our nation from foreign threat. When I am saying this those who control the government must not keep the government for themselves it is not benefit to them or others. If we solve our internal problem by peace the government admitting that the country is for all of us not belong to TLF only, we can save and allot better. This kind of control by TPLF is not going to get benefit anyone, neither them for long runs. We must recognize our diversity in culture, language, geography, and ideology. If we put all these into one, we can build the best nation in Africa. True federalism is the only solution to the Ethiopian problem not pseudo TPLF lead federalism. I would like to conclude that TPLF learn from the history. Whatever they are doing now is that it is the operated act, oppression, ethnic cleansing, and exploitation this would endanger our unity as a nation pleases doesn’t put our country in a such problem. Please learn from the mistake and learn from history.

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